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No Ads Manifest

Content Farming for Ads

Arguable Internet did change the world and we all agree on that. But aggressive advertisement campaigns lead to myriad of sites specialized on content farming and applications created only for advertisement. Digital space becomes an immense advertising machine with poor quality and multiplicate content.

Old Media Days

Digital space started to resemble old days media. In fact is worse. At least there we are not forced to support advertisement all the time; there is 30 minutes pause.

Bad Ads Quality

And advertisement quality is critical. Most ads are not so appealing, some of them being downright ugly. And in most cases destroy beautifully crafted sites and applications and ruin user experience.

there should be more elegant ways to sustain a business

Ads are not Evil per se

That being said, we do not believe advertisement is evil per se. Au contraire. Good ads can help deciding and can be fun to watch. The only problem is we do not want to see ads all the time and want them separated by content.


The good news is it may be a solution. Create separated space dedicated for advertisement. This way user can enjoy content and when in need for new services or products, or maybe for some fun, can willingly access advertisement.

I am homo sapiens

free apps are completely free

What is free, is free for good. Free from annoying ads, free from misleading in-app payment and free from spy ware. You can count on that.