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Musical Instruments Quiz

Musical Instruments Quiz is a trivia game that challenges you to recognize musical instruments existing all over the world, from well know guitar or piano to esoteric didgeridoo.

Requires Android
4.1 and up
Current Version
Last Updated
March 19, 2017
Target Device
mobile only

There are 8 levels organized by instruments popularity. More popular instruments are listed first so that difficulty increases on higher levels.

While playing the game one can use info button to trade quiz credits for hints. Take a quiz and earn credits. Use quiz credits to trade game hints.

We invest substantial effort to ensure content quality but still there may be mistakes. If found something not reasonable please let us know. Suggestions for improvement are also welcomed.

This application is completely free. Development effort is donated. It is a humble way to show gratitude to Internet community that gives us all so much.

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android system permissions

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Perform download an sync only when connected on Wi-Fi, in order to avoid mobile data connections that can be charged.
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