kids (a)cademy

kids (a)cademy is an educational ecosystem targeted at children of all ages

kids (a)cademy offers apps for education and adaptable quizzes for evaluation. Quiz results can be stored for apps behavior refinement.

kids (a)cademy is not meant to replace formal education but to satisfy intrinsic interests and curiosity and keep the mind in shape.

learn by playing

Leaning is a serious matter that should not be taken too seriously.

Do not forget the fun. Focus on playing and get learning as byproduct.

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for all ages

Learning is an ongoing process lasting for entire life and this is what makes us homo sapiens.

Learning helps shaping young minds and keeping in shape experienced ones.

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  • no annoying ads
  • no misleading in-app payment
  • no spyware
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have fun and learn by playing

Play is a vital part of humans social, cognitive, physical and emotional development. And this is true for all superior mammalian species; anybody saw a puppy playing and learning.

Is like brain needs a reason to memorize facts and having fun is a good reason indeed. Just focus on playing and brain will do its job effortlessly. Learning should not be a job or a task.

pleasure leads to repetition and repetition leads to mastery

for children of all ages

Children are such curious creatures. They explore, question, and wonder, and by doing so, learn. Lets keep alive the child from us; is our best part.

Learning is an ongoing process lasting for entire life and this is what makes us humans. kids (a)cademy helps shaping young minds and keeping in shape the experienced ones.

Curiosity is the driving force of intellect.Pam Schiller
3NOadsin-app paymentspyware

all kids (a)cademy apps are 3NO compliant


Apps are free of annoying ads. Please read and sign No Ads Manifest.


No misleading in-app payment. What should be paid is paid only once. What is free is free for good.


There is no attempt to steal your private data. Privacy should be taken seriously. All kids (a)cademy apps should explicitly declare rights usage.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.Steve Jobs

free apps are completely free

What is free, is free for good. Free from annoying ads, free from misleading in-app payment and free from spy ware. You can count on that.